We know the real action takes place behind the scenes.

VenueAware has unparalleled domain expertise in the sports market. From our work with the NFL, MBA, NBA, NHL, and UK Premiership teams to numerous Grand Slam events, Super Bowls, Olympics, and World Cups, our experience is what truly sets us apart.

At the core of our organization are people who are passionate about technology and sports. We developed VenueAware by working with a number of very high-profile venue clients to properly understand their operations and how they work. Over the course of several years of agile development, this allowed us to build something that was truly robust, secure, and provided the transparency that is lacking in many venues today.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to venue management, because no two venues are the same. Understanding the nuances is an important step in ensuring you choose a solution that is right for you.

We appreciate that you are making an ongoing investment in technology, and partnering with the right people is critical to ensure that you achieve the necessary results and returns in the longer term. The VenueAware team is client-focused, and as such, we do not have sales representatives. The same team that works with you to initially understand your requirements will be there throughout the relationship.

Stadiums & Arenas
Stadiums & Arenas

Our experienced team works with every client to customize our platform to best suit their unique need.

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“Over the years VenueAware has added a new dimension to how we manage Emirates Stadium and our events.”