Think managing your venue is challenging?
We love a good challenge.

No two stadiums or arenas operate the same way. The people are different, the places wholly unique, and so too are the parameters for defining operational excellence. At VenueAware we understand this basic truth. It’s at the very core of our product. We have designed a system for venue management that is comprehensive yet flexible. One custom solution made up of individual solutions, configured specifically for your venue’s singular needs. Below are our core offerings.

Staff Management

Do you spend hours scheduling event day staff? There is a better, faster way to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time. VenueAware’s staff scheduling solution allows you to track and record all pertinent contact information, training certifications, qualifications, and availability in one central location. Time to schedule? Simply choose a predefined event template and let the system do the scheduling for you with one click.

Event Management

Venue safety is directly tied to how efficiently staff respond to event-day incidents. Our incident tracking solution connects directly to VenueAware’s central venue management system, allowing you to enter incidents as they arise in real time from either your desktop or mobile application. With mobile devices and real-time alerts, staffers can log and respond to incidents faster and immediately track all related information in one system. Greater transparency combined with real-time communication results in safer events and happier fans.

Venue Management

We understand a lot goes into running a world-class venue—both on event days and non-event days. VenueAware revolutionizes older paper- or email-based work flows with one solution based on automation and work request tracking. One platform captures and manages needs across operations, covering work and inspections, inventory management, and asset allocation. The result is streamlined communication, improved accountability, and outstanding operational efficiency 365 days of the year.

Access Management

A security strategy built around disconnected systems makes it nearly impossible to get complete visibility of visitors, staff, and contractors, exposing potential vulnerabilities. With VenueAware’s accreditation solution, you control access point security via our solution comprising a mobile app and scanner. Staff and visitors can quickly scan in and out, and staff are immediately alerted to their first assignments when applicable. All scans are monitored in real-time from one central management dashboard—the virtual equivalent of having eyes everywhere, at all times. 

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